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Learn Aquaponics
in beautiful Bali

Immerse yourself into our unique aquaponics workshops and learn how to build your own beautiful system from the ground up.

Upcoming Aquaponics Workshops

Introduction to Aquaponics
at Pyramids of Chi

5 Hour Hands-On Workshop

Date: Coming 2023
Location: Pyramids of Chi

Join us for this great workshop if you are new to Aquaponics and like to learn the fundamentals. Have a great experience with like-minded people who care about sustainability and healthy food production.

The Art of Aquaponicss
at Tony Raka Art Lounge

3 Day Intensive Hands-On Workshop

Date: Coming 2023
Location: Tony Raka

Want to learn the Art of building your own Indoor Aquaponics system? In this immersive 3 day workshop you will discover how. Hands-on with like-minded people who care about art and food

Why our workshops?

If you like to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, why not learn how to grow your own food the aquaponics way?

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a self-sustaining food production ecosystem that combines Aquaculture (raising fish on land) with Hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

Simply put, fish and their waste provide fresh nutrients for the plants, which grow entirely in water. The plants naturally filter the water, which gets recirculated back to the fish, in a closed-loop system.

90% Less Water
than traditional agriculture 90%
10 x Less Space
than traditional agriculture 100%
60% Less Time
than traditional agriculture 60%

About our Workshops

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